Seasun Cruise – Bring You Bright Time In Ha Long Bay

True to its name, Seasun cruise promises to bring you the brightest and most wonderful vacation in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Join Vietland Journey in this summer vacation and you won’t disappoint with the quality of Ha Long Season cruise.

Why should you visit Ha Long Bay, Vietnam?

Ha Long Bay is a famous tourism site of Vietnam, which has been recognized twice as one of the UNESCO World Heritage. Ha Long Bay has numerous stunning watery landscapes that can capture the heart of every visitors from all over the world, has been one of the most famous tourist destinations of Vietnam in the past year.

The eternal beauty of Ha Long Bay is made up of three elements: stone, water and sky. Indeed, the first thing that people remember the most about Ha Long Bay is the beautiful ocean. The blue water surface shines gleamy under the sunlight, which charmed every traveler who stops by. Ha Long Bay’s ocean is the most beautiful during sunrise and dawn when the sun reflects itself on the sea surface and dye the water with sparkling colors.

Ha Long Bay Seasun cruise

The stunning ocean of Ha Long Bay from above

Aside from the astonishing natural landscapes, tourists also fall in love with the people in Ha Long Bay. Their culture, custom and hospitability never fail to impress travelers from all over the world. Visiting their homes and floating villages guarantee to give you one of the most unforgettable memories.

Because most of the outstanding beauty of Ha Long Bay is located on the ocean, the best way to discover this stunning place is to travel by a cruise. In recent years, the number of tourists coming to Ha Long Bay just keep increasing more and more, lead to numerous travel cruise being designed and built. Among them, Seasun cruise might be considered as one of the most outstanding cruises.

Ha Long Bay Seasun cruise

Seasun cruise has hardly failed to please a customer

So what is so special about this Ha Long Seasun cruise that people are so in love with? Let’s find out with Vietland Journey and you won’t regret it.

Basic information about Ha Long Seasun cruise

Seasun cruise is a superior cruise in Ha Long Bay, designed and built in 2019 with a total of 12 cabins. This cruise is suitable for single, family with kids, family with teens, group of friends, old couple and young couple as well.

The cruise has two types of rooms, which are the deluxe room for two people if you are looking for a romantic vacation with your significant other. And the deluxe family room if you are looking for a vacation with your family or group of friends. All the rooms are equipped with modern facilities such as air conditioner, complimentary toiletries, shower and hot water, en-suite bathroom, bathrobe, wardrobe, slippers and more.

Ha Long Bay Seasun cruise

One of the rooms on Seasun cruise

The rooms are also served with the hospitable staff crew, so you can ask them for help anytime you need. With their services, there won’t be a boring moment for you on Seasun cruise, Ha Long Bay.

To make your vacation more interesting, Seasun cruise also provides lots of amazing activities such as fishing, tours of caves, cooking class, swimming, tai chi class in the morning, tours of the floating fishing village, kayaking, bamboo boat trip and more. With those, you can have a wonderful bonding time with your partners and enjoy the stunning beauty of Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay Seasun cruise

Tourists enjoying kayaking with Seasun cruise, Ha Long Bay

To read other information about Ha Long Bay Seasun cruise, as well as our policies and facilities, don’t be hesitate to visit or contact our staff for the best advisory.

Where can you visit on Ha Long Seasun cruise?

There are tons of magnificent beauty in Ha Long Bay, but Seasun cruise will bring you to the most outstanding ones. You can choose either the 2-day itinerary or the 3-day one, whichever suitable for your preference as well as budget. In either one, you will have such a wonderful time.

You can visit Titov beach, which is one of the famous ones. What makes it so special is this beach has a moon-shaped shape that embraces the island. Although it’s small, the beach is very airy and quiet, suitable for relaxation after a hard-working time.

The water here is clean and clear, the scenery is cloudy, the water is beautiful. If you love sitting under the warm sunlight, with some coconut juice and enjoy the salty smell of the sea, this will be the perfect experience in your life.

Ha Long Bay Seasun cruise

The beautiful Titov beach from above

During your trip on Seasun cruise, you will be led to the most famous islets exist in the bay, such as Ga Choi Islet, which shapes like a pair of chickens pointing to each other, or La Vong island is like an old man fishing, or Stone Dog islet, Incense Burner Islet, Fighting Cocks, etc. The attractive wonders will completely blow your mind. Remember to bring your camera, because you won’t see such an amazing sight anywhere else.

The Sung Sot cave is also a remarkable destination. Legend has it that after defeating An enemy, Thanh Giong helped local people to chase away demons, then he flew to heaven, leaving swords and precious horses so people can use it to fight against monsters. In the cave, there are many natural images that seem to be traces of that fierce battle, like the small ponds formed from the horse’s footprints. Is that enough to attract you?

Ha Long Bay Seasun cruise

The stunning view inside Sung Sot cave

Seasun cruise also takes you to many other amazing places, join us for a memorable vacation in Ha Long Bay now.