Small VIP Red Dragon Junk – Definition Of Cozy Ha Long Bay Trip

The 4-star small VIP Red Dragon Junk brings such cozy, comfortable and memorable vacation in the magnificent Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Check out the amazing facilities of this small cruise and you will have to agree with us.

Ha Long Red Dragon Junk – small but cozy 4-star cruise

Red Dragon Junk is classified as a small VIP cruise, because of its size but luxury and modern facilities. Red Dragon Junk has been operating since 2019, so it can be considered as one of the newest junks in Ha Long Bay. That’s why most facilities on the Red Dragon junk are freshly new, guarantees to bring customers the most comfortable vacation they could ever ask for.

Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

The small VIP 4-star Red Dragon Junk, Ha Long Bay

So why is it named “Red Dragon”? The name was base on the legendary animal of the Chinese culture – dragon because the cruise itself was inspired from an authentic Chinese Junk, which, according to the myth, had sailed through the Far East.

Unlike most other Ha Long Bay cruises, the Red Dragon junk provides such unique and one-of-a-kind itineraries. Whether you choose the 3-day-2-night or the 2-day-1-night schedule, you shall be taken to the most breathtaking yet unspoiled destinations of Ha Long Bay, such as Hon Gai Harbour, Bai Tu Long Bay,... and more. This will guarantee you a quiet, comfy and peaceful vacation, even during tourism season.

Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

The Red Dragon Junk provides such amazing itineraries in Ha Long Bay

The engine of the Red Dragon Junk was also made from modern technology, so the junk always travels so quietly and calm on top of the Ha Long ocean. Relaxing on Red Dragon junk, you can forget all the tiredness and stress and just focus on the magnificent beauty of Ha Long Bay.

All other facilities on Red Dragon Junk are peaceful and cozy, so you can have one of the most comfortable vacations in your life. Don’t be hesitate to choose Red Dragon and you won’t regret it.

Types of rooms on Ha Long Red Dragon Junk

Being considered as a small-sized junk in Ha Long Bay, Red Dragon features 5 compact cabins that can host up to 11 guests. It is small enough to create an intimate setting, especially if you are an extended family or small group of friends or colleagues traveling together.

Besides that, all rooms on the Red Dragon junk are designed for comfy stays, promising such a relaxing trip for customers. Each room has enough necessary types of equipment for a wonderful vacation, and you can always ask for more if you need.

There are 2 types of room on the Red Dragon junk, each one is beautiful, spacious and cozy. They are:

The Deluxe Doube/Twin cabin

Cabin size: 18 meters square

Bed options: Double/Twin bed

Max Adults: 2 Adults

Extra Bed: Yes

Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

The Deluxe cabin for 2 people

The Deluxe triple cabin

Cabin size: 19 meters square

Bed options: Double + Single bed

Max Adults: 3 Adults

Extra Bed: Yes

Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

The triple cabin for 3 people

Ha Long Red Dragon Junk has a unique design

Base on the ancient Chinese boat, Red Dragon Junk has a completely unique vibe and feel for customers. Instead of flashy and luxury looks, the Red Dragon junk shines with the old and warm feelings of the ancient tradition. Despite that, it is still a 4-star cruise so your vacation will still have everything you need for a satisfying trip in Ha Long Bay.

As soon as you board the Red Dragon Junk, you will be surrounded by traditional handmade artisan woodwork, which is beautiful and unique that you can hardly find in anywhere else. Whether you are relaxing in the comfort of your own cabin, lounging on the spacious sun deck, or dining in the cozy restaurant, you will feel treated like royalty.

Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

The Red Dragon Junk has an elegant wood design

This masterpiece is a wonderful option for those who need a little more space and a little more privacy. If you don’t like other huge cruises because it has so many people, this Red Dragon Junk may be a perfect choice.

Ha Long Red Dragon Junk has a reasonable price

The Red Dragon Junk, like many other luxury cruises in Ha Long Bay, offers 2 different kinds of trip, which are the 3-day and the 2-day itinerary. Whichever you choose, you will have to pay the average price is 180 dollars/person.

With this price, you shall have access to many convenient services on the Red Dragon Junk such as welcoming drink, luxury and en-suite cabin with air conditioner, hot water, all meals on the boat, tea and coffee, a tour guide on board as well as kayaking and water puppet show.

Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

Customers having a great time having tea and snack on Red Dragon Junk

Customers can also participate in many interesting activities on the boat such as cooking class, fishing, swimming, tai chi class,... All of those provides wonderful bonding time for you and your loved one, especially when you are cruising on a small and comfy cruise.

Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

The restaurant where you have delicious meals and have the cooking class

Book Ha Long Red Dragon Junk fast and easy

The Red Dragon Junk has everything you need for a memorable vacation: classic sails, refined Asian decor and dedicated crew, as well as reasonable price, welcoming staff, full-of-fun activities. The cruise promises a great opportunity to see Bai Tu Long Bay in a stylish way too. Featuring cozy homey feel in a wooden setting, customers will have a relaxing time in Ha Long Bay with Red Dragon Junk.

Ha Long Bay Red Dragon Junk

With great services, Red Dragon Junk become one of the top choices in Ha Long Bay

With Vietland Journey, you can book a Ha Long Bay tour for yourself with Red Dragon Junk so quickly and easily. Don’t be hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam and Red Dragon Junk are ready to have you on your next trip!