3 Must-see Markets When Visiting Ha Long

You don't know anything else to discover in Ha Long apart from the magnificent islands and beaches? You don't want to waste a single second of your journey? Those following markets will fulfill your demand and make your wish come true. Pack your back and go travel with Vietland Journey to have the authentic experiences. 

1.    Ha Long night market

( Add: Ha Long marine square, Hung Thang, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh)

Located along with Bai Chay beach and near the Hoang Gia park, Ha Long night market is one of the most favorite aite for shopping lovers. This market starts from 6 pm until the mid night and it always crowded and  busy.

Ha Long night market

Ha Long night market is divided into different storey with various goods and handicraft. There are lots of tourists from France, China, Korea,.. come there to shop, therefore, the sellers can communicate fluently in many languages.

2.     Ha Long market

(Add: Bach Dang road, Ha Long City)

Built in 14 years ago from 2013, Ha Long market becomes  a beloved site, especially at weekend.  It has 3 storey and one outside area. There are a huge of products sold from handmade necklaces from seashells, wood,...

Ha Long market

Besides, tourists also have a chance to taste many special cuisine from fresh seafood. It is a pity if you come here without trying those recepiece.

3.     Ben Do fish market

( Add: Cam Thuy, Cam Pha, Quang Ninh)

If you are finding a place to experience the local life, Ben Do fish market is a valid choice.  Starting from the early morning from 3 am to 7 am, Ben Do fish market is a place selling the freshest seafood from the thousands of fisherman from the bay.

Ben Do market

There is an interesting fact that this market had an other name “ Loi market’’ as in the past, boats could not land near the seashore. The ambiance of Ben Do brings a feeling of the enthusiasm as well as the friendliness of local people. They have happy faces after a night of catching fish, octopuses,...

Fisherman after catching fish

When the sun rises, it is also the time for children from  fish villages boating to school on the mainland. You will see the moments of peaceful and simple things of the daily life.

We hope that if you have a opportunity to visit Ha Long, you will catch those memorable experiences and share your feeling with us. Contact us directly and immediately to have an unforgettable trip.