Beautiful Vung Vieng Fishing Village In Ha Long Bay

If you want to experience as a real fisherman, living in the boat floating in one of the most beautiful bay in the world, let take your bag and start your trip to Vung Vieng fishing village with Vietland Journey right now!

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Vung Vieng

Vung Vieng fishing village in Ha Long 

Ha Long Bay, the world heritage complex with more than 1600 islands and beautiful natural landscapes has attracted a great number of visitors every day. When visiting Ha Long, besides joining many memorable and interesting activities such as exploring Ha Long caves, experiencing nightlife in luxury yachts, joining local food… visitors can also visit extremely beautiful and rustic fishing villages such as Cua Van and Vung Vieng fishing villages.

Vung Vieng

Life in floating boats

In our trip exploring Ha Long Bay today, we will visit the Vung Vieng fishing village to learn about their life and their small and simple village.
Vung Vieng fishing village is located in the heart of Bai Tu Long bay, about 24 kilometers from the mainland. When visiting Vung Vieng, not only will you be immersed yourself in a peaceful place to view the charming landscape and discover the cultural life of the long real fishermen but also will be instructed in the fine arts of sailing and casting fish net.
Vung Vieng
A simple and peaceful life

When visiting Vung Vieng, tourists will absolutely be impressed by the beautiful boats in the bay, the dedicated fishing nets, the hospitable fishermen and children going to school on their boats with the smiles on their faces.  The traditional features of the ancient fishing village is also clearly reflected by over 160 fishermen living on Vung Vieng fishing village in particular and fishermen community on Halong Bay in general.

Vung Vieng

A place where many cultural characteristics are kept

Vung Vieng fishing village is a system of the floating village on an area of Ha Long Bay with living activities completely happening on the boats. In the past, Vung Vieng fishing village was rooted from a group of fishermen who used to live in their boats and stay together in a small part of the bay to avoid storms. Gradually, the community has been organized into a village.

Their traditional contemporary houses used to be made from wood, bamboo, or leaves. However, these materials were replaced by metal materials with stronger resistance.

Vung Vieng

Traditional houses in Vung Vieng village

Vung Vieng

A modern house in Vung Vieng

Vung Vieng fishing village, one of the most impressive destinations in Bai Tu Long, attracts many tourists by its wonderful natural landscapes. Besides admiring the beauty of the everlasting stretching mountains and fanciful caves and grottoes, tourists also have the chance to comfortably sunbathe on sandy beaches surrounded by green mountains, experience as a real fisherman, and enjoy delicious seafood of the place.

Vung Vieng

An unforgettable Vung Vieng

Vung Vieng fishing village is in the top list of the most unique architecture in the world. Houses in the village are floating houses, surrounded by multi-shaped boats and rafts. Different from the living in the mainland, almost activities of the local people here are closely attached with the blue water, blue sky and spectacular islands. That different natural conditions and living habits have made Vung Vieng fishing village itself a unique village in Ha Long Bay in particular and Vietnam in general.

Vung Vieng

Vung Vieng is also beautiful at night

Activities on the water and daily life of the local people in Vung Vieng fishing village are also unique cultural features only found in Halong. The spectacular landscapes and unique culture bring Vung Vieng fishing village the top of the most charming tourist attractions in Halong. Only visiting Vong Vieng fishing village will visitors be able to experience daily life with fishermen like catching garbage on water surface, going fishing (tourists will be instructed how to fish, use the fishing nets and remove fishes from the nets... like a real fishermen); enjoying local seafood; experiencing kayak boats and watching the whole fishing villages; visiting Vong Vieng floating cultural houses, fish cages, pearls cultured area, Vong Vieng cave; purchasing souvenirs made from shells, oysters ... and jewelry made from pearls on the boats... and especially joining an unforgettable nightlife cruise to admire the beautiful village and fishermen’s life at night.

Vung Vieng

A good time for fishing and squid catching

When the night falls, it is time for tourists sit on the small boats, hear fishermen sing love songs, drop lanterns or go fishing and catch squid under the light of oil lamps and the moon at night.

Visiting Ha Long without exploring Vung Vieng fishing village would be a regret for visitors, especially who love wandering life on water, and interacting with nature.

In the next part, we will visit other interesting fishing village in Ha Long bay - Cong Dong fishing village. To learn more about the village, let frequently follow Vietland Journey!

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