Experience In Choosing Ha Long Cruise

Vietland Journey - Cruise tours are becoming more and more popular and selected by many travelers among types of tourism in Vietnam. However, how to choose a tour to satisfy your needs and save money to have the most interesting experience? Take some tips for selecting Ha Long Cruise Tour that VietLand Journey introduces below!

Choose the right itinerary

This is the first note that you need to consider and identify clearly for a perfect trip. Think and write down the places you want to go, from there to find the journey that best suits your needs.

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If you want a more peaceful space, more outdoor space, choose small yachts. If you like the journey with many interesting outdoor activities to clearly explore the beauty of Ha Long Bay, you can choose Silver Sea, Peony or Indochine. If you simply want this trip to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the heritage region, please refer to Hera Cruise, Mon Cheri or La Regina Legend.


Remember, do not choose cruise because it is cheap, choose according to your desire. Currently, Ha Long cruise tours offer 2 popular itineraries: 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 nights. You can easily find the journey you want.

Select Ha Long Cruise

After finding the journey or destination you want, immediately list the cruise ships with similar schedules. Please consider carefully before deciding because once on the yacht you can not ask to stop the tour or change at your own discretion.


First of all, evaluate according to your essential needs such as financial ability, accompanying people, whether or not children, whether there is a need for one or the other, whether or not you want to participate in activities. This is for yacht or not, ... From there, you can easily make your own choice.

Choose Cabin

Do not think it is ok to find a yacht, you need to choose for yourself the ideal resting place on the yacht (cabin), right? Depending on the design architecture and style of each yacht, the area, interior as well as the comfort of each cabin are completely different.


Some options for you are a cabin without windows, a cabin with bay view or a private balcony. Note, if you are a seasick, choose the cabin on the lower floor to avoid shaking!

Select travel agency

Finally, the "bullet point" indispensable in the experience of selecting Halong cruise tour that is how to choose travel companies.

You should choose the companies or agents or representative offices of Ha Long yacht right in Ha Long city or some neighboring cities. Because more than anyone else, they are "aboriginals" who know the price, advantages and often have the most promotions.


Moreover, if you encounter any problems or problems, you can contact the unit immediately to find the fastest solution.

- Some other notes when selecting Halong Bay Cruise Ha Long Bay experiences 4 seasons in a year with different weather and temperatures. The most ideal time to join the Ha Long cruise tour from early April to the end of June and early September to the end of October.


- Summer (June - August) often appears sudden storms and thunderstorms. It is quite difficult to participate in outdoor activities. If you like a bit of mystery, winter is the perfect choice. However, it is necessary to prepare clothes thoroughly due to the cold and dry weather.

- Research transportation to the marina and make reservations if possible (for non-packaged tours)

- Prepare some dry food in case the dish does not match the taste of the food on the cruise

- Should book early to avoid the situation full and save a lot more cost than placing close

- Prepare enough cash, identification and lightweight luggage

Above is the "Experience of selecting Halong Cruise" that we send to you. For any information needs on the details of Ha Long cruise tours, hotel reservations or Halong cruise reservations, please contact Vietland Journey Travel Company for quick and accurate advice best.