Ha Long Gray Line Cruise Review – Should Choose Or Not?

Wondering how is a vacation in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam on Gray Line cruise will be? Wanting to give the cruise a chance but too doubted to try? Here is a review of the Ha Long Gray Line cruise for you. After considering, we believe you will have the right answer.

First impressions of Ha Long Gray Line cruise

On the first day, the bus picked us up from our hotel in the Old Quarter at about 08:00 AM. It was a shuttle bus, pretty clean and spacious. The distance from Hanoi to Ha Long is about 3.5 hours, the car had a stop in Hai Duong, all tourist buses to Ha Long stop here.

Ha Long Bay Gray Line cruise

The shuttle bus of Gray Line cruise, Ha Long Bay

At around 12:00 PM, we arrived at Tuan Chau marina. As soon as getting off the bus, we were greeted by the friendly staff, stuck with luggage tags and moved our stuff on the cruise. Then, we got on the Gray Line cruise by a private pier and were welcomed with the delicious drink while listening to the staff’s safety introduction. After that, we got to our cabin and rested.

From what we were told, Gray Line cruise included 3 different cruises. Since 2013, the Gray Line Ha Long has started to the first vessel, featured by specific characters and comfort. The biggest cruise, with 14 cabins, is extremely small compared to other relevant cruises that launched coincidently in the Bay but big enough to accommodate thirty clients with different families, and that was what we had chosen. I must say that I was quite pleased with the elegant décor and amazing styles of the cruise.

Ha Long Bay Gray Line cruise

The 4-star Gray Line cruise, Ha Long Bay

The Gray Line cruise with 14 cabins has extensive cabin area and decks, huge windows either of rooms or restaurant, pretty balconies, some suites connected to nearby cabins to make a “private suite for Seven” with personal access within a big cruise for different groups of passengers. There was a wide sundeck with a big open area with smooth grass carpet, and the rest covered in the safe and sound roof is also a highlight. I’d already felt like I would have a magnificent time there.

Ha Long Bay Gray Line cruise

The spacious and cozy sundeck on Gray Line cruise

At lunch, as well as all other meals, we were served in the luxurious restaurant of the Ha Long Gray Line cruise. The meals were quite delicious with Vietnamese and Western dishes. Personally, I’m not a seafood lover, but the dishes here tasted pretty good.

Ha Long Bay Gray Line cruise

This is where we had meals on Gray Line cruise

My room on Ha Long Gray Line cruise

I went on a vacation with my friend, so we chose the smallest cabin which was the deluxe sea view cabin. The cabin size was about 16 meters square wide, with a twin bed and could have a maximum of 2 adults. We were not allowed to have an extra bed, but I heard that the other cabins might have one.

Ha Long Bay Gray Line cruise

The deluxe sea view cabin

Next to us, there was a deluxe balcony cabin which was only a little bit larger than ours. The balcony cabin was 18 meters square wide, also had a twin bed and no extra beds allowed. We only chose the smallest one because we were not that interested in sightseeing, but the balcony cabin will be the perfect choice if guests want to watch the tender sceneries of Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay Gray Line cruise

The balcony cabin on Gray Line cruise

Besides the two types of cabin, guests can also choose the Vip Terrace cabin, which was also 18 meters square wide. All rooms are equipped with necessary kinds of stuff such as turndown services, shower and hot water, toilet, fire extinguishers, in-cabin refrigerator, beauty mirror, en-suite bathroom, bathrobe and wardrobe, slippers, complimentary mineral water, individual controlled air-conditioning, hair-dryer, TV, and DVD player, Jacuzzi...

Ha Long Bay Gray Line cruise

The Vip terrace cabin

If you choose Gray Line cruise, amongst 14 cabins, you can choose any by its difference of rates, positions in the cruise, or just private or public access. Families with children may prefer the forepart where two suites and a connecting cabin can be combined closely, youngsters or students can feel comfortable with the budget-friendly deluxe downstairs cabins, whilst honeymooners may love the balcony cabins...

Ha Long Bay Gray Line cruise

We were very happy with the quality of the cabins on Gray Line cruise

The route of Gray Line cruise in Ha Long Bay

We chose the 3 days 2 nights itinerary on Gray Line cruise. We were taken to the astonishing places such as Me Cung (Maze) cave, Titop island, Trong (Drum) cave, Ho Dong Tien (Fairy Lake) cave, Luon Cave,... All of them are the breathtaking destinations of Ha Long Bay that I wasn’t regret visiting at all.

With the destinations, we also got to join interesting activities on the cruise, such as cooking class, kayaking, swimming, tai chi class in the morning... So throughout 3 days on the cruise, we didn’t have a single boring moment.

Ha Long Bay Gray Line cruise

Joining a tai chi class on Gray Line cruise

We realized that the cruise basically operated on a famous route, with notable caves and Titop beach, but at the least crowded time so that every guest can enjoy the great scale of the cave with million-year stalagmites and stalactites, huge chambers, odd-shaped rock columns, or have enough time to conquer the peak of Titov Island. Most of the customers who were on a vacation with us that day were very happy with the schedule in Ha Long Bay.

We were introduced that the cruise is also welcoming charter group of a company or class, and ready to provide the groups with a private route of their own, discovering the least visited areas of the bay. You will not just have the seascape to enjoy but private secluded beaches for swimming, water activities, or private venues for exciting team building games and fun. I think that is quite interesting for you to try.

Ha Long Bay Gray Line cruise

You really should give Gray Line cruise a try

Should book Ha Long Gray Line cruise or not?

So my answer is “Yes, it’s definitely worth it”. Next time if you want to have a luxurious and dedicated and memorable vacation in Ha Long Bay, plus the reasonable price, don’t hesitate to give Gray Line cruise a chance.

I’m happy to share my experience with you and hope you will have a wonderful vacation as well.