How To Choose The Best Ha Long Bay Cruise?

Nowadays, there are tons of cruises in Ha Long Bay for tourists to choose from and stay in. If you are having trouble choosing the perfect cruise for yourself and your loved ones, here are some tips that Vietland Journey is glad to offer.

Choose Ha Long Bay cruise base on the material

There are different kinds of cruises that you can choose from. One of them is a steel ship, which is the ship that uses a steel shell design that provides modern and firm design. This type of cruise is usually a 4-star and 5-star cruise.

Ha Long Bay cruise

Ha Long Bay steel boat

You can also choose a wooden ship. This type takes the wood as the main material, designed in the classic style that highlights the Eastern culture. It is perfect for travelers who want a cozy, private place to stay in Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay cruise

Ha Long Bay wooden ship

Choose Ha Long Bay cruise base on its capacity

The overnight boats on the Ha Long Bay with over 20 cabins will be suitable for young travelers who like the excitement and many recreational activities. Vietland Journey does offer some interesting cruises with lots of rooms for you to choose from.

Ha Long Bay cruise

Each cruise has a different capacity

On the contrary, the cruises with fewer than 20 cabins are usually wooden yachts, which focus on the quality rather than quantity. This type of cruise is suitable for passengers who want to have absolute privacy, such as families or newlyweds.

Choose the Ha Long Bay cruise base on the itinerary

After choosing the right type of yacht, you need to consider the journey or tour that you want to go to. Each cruise has a fixed schedule tour, so you need to consider where the tour lasts a few days and where to go.

Ha Long Bay is the famous World Natural Heritage of Vietnam, with various places to visit, from beaches to caves, from floating villages to tourism destinations on land. Each cruise in Ha Long Bay designs a different itinerary with different destinations, so you should do some research, and then choose the cruise that has the schedule to visit the place you like.

Ha Long Bay cruise

Each Ha Long Bay cruise has a unique schedule

Currently, the overnight boats on the Ha Long Bay often have 2-day-1-night and 3-day-2-night tours. Usually, a 3-day tour is almost the same as a 2-day tour but adds some other places. Tourists can go deeper into Lan Ha Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay – the beautiful places near Ha Long Bay as well.

In addition, there are a few cruises with day trips or tours over 4 days (usually 5-star cruises). But it will come with more expensive prices so it is not as common as the 2 and 3-day ones.

Ha Long Bay cruise

Which can take you to different places of Ha Long Bay

Consider the rooms on Ha Long Bay cruise

Each cruise has different types of rooms. How to choose the cruise that has the perfect room for you? Pay attention to the size, layout and location of the ship. Each room category will be arranged on each floor in the same area.

The upstairs rooms will cost more than the room downstairs. The highest room class on the yacht will be located in the most beautiful position of the ship, maybe at the bow of the ship with panoramic views of Ha Long Bay with the sunbathing area outside.

Ha Long Bay cruise

The room on Ha Long Bay cruise

The size of the room, the size of the balcony, or the location of the room types may vary between yachts, depending on the capacity and design of each vessel. Consider what is important for your trip and understand the different value of each room class, you will choose for yourself a suitable room!

The price of Ha Long Bay cruises

Prices are also important when choosing a cruise to stay in Ha Long Bay! The desire to have a good room is common, but it also depends on your budget and your expenses.

Ha Long Bay cruise

Base on the quality, the cruise has a different price

You can generously pay 1-2 nights for a high-class room on the yacht if you do not hesitate. But you can also simply choose the room that best suits your budget for your trip. Selecting different room types on the cruise is like you are considering room type in a hotel! Be wise when choosing and don’t hesitate to reach out for Vietland Journey for help.

Vietland Journey also offers tons of amazing cruises, from 3-star to 5-star ones in Ha Long Bay – the World Natural Heritage of Vietnam. If you are looking for a high-quality trip in this lovely bay, contact us and let us choose the most suitable and wonderful cruise for you.

We wish you a good day and hope to see you in Vietnam soon.