Joining A Trip On Ha Long Bay Cruise? Here Are The Things You Should Not Left At Home

In order for you to have a perfect trip to Ha Long Bay, Vietland Journey would like to introduce some of the personal possessions that you need to bring along the trip. Prepare your belongings carefully is also important before traveling so this is an article you should not ignore.

Going on Ha Long Bay cruise, don’t forget your sunscreen

Going to Ha Long Bay, swimming, swimming, kayaking, etc, are certain water activities you should not miss. These activities require you to expose your skin in the sun for a long time, which is interesting considering you can get beautiful tanned skin, but also dangerous if you stay out under the sun for a long time.

If you don’t use any kind of skin protection, when the trip is over, you will easily encounter unhappy problems, such as sunburnt, allergy and many more.

Ha Long Bay cruise

Bring sunscreen to protect your skin from the damages of the sun

To protect the skin from the dangerous consequences of the sun such as sunburn, dark skin, burning skin, etc, you must bring sunscreen and use it regularly. In addition, you should also bring hats, sunglasses and umbrellas or sun protection jackets for each time visiting the tourist attractions.

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Certain types of medicine are important on Ha Long Bay cruises

When going on a vacation, especially when there are children in the group, analgesic and antipyretic drugs are indispensable. In addition, medications used for food poisoning, digestive disorders, medicines to treat diarrhea or vomiting are also essential.

Ha Long Bay cruise

A healthy body makes you enjoy the trip better

For those who are allergic to seafood, you should pay special attention to the menu, because on Ha Long Bay, the food also has many dishes of seafood. Allergy, redness, and itching medications are definitely something to bring along the journey to Ha Long.

Bring slippers on a trip to Ha Long Bay cruises

Is it uncomfortable to walk on the beach or on the smooth white sand with sports shoes? So, remember to equip yourself with a pair of slippers or flip-flops, which are absolutely comfortable to play in the water, walking on the sand or on the beach.

Ha Long Bay cruise

Slippers help you enjoy the beach better

In the rooms on your Ha Long Bay cruise, there will be slippers available for you as well, but sometimes there are yachts that do not provide this item. So you should proactively prepare yourself just in case you need one but the cruise doesn’t have it.

On Ha Long Bay cruise, it’s best if you have proper clothes

Going on a cruise trip in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam requires you to bring a variety of clothing and accessories like beachwear, sports, hiking, pajamas, swimwear, even gym clothes if you want. If you are sailing on Ha Long Bay or Lan Ha Bay, you will want to have flip-flops to stroll around the beach, a pair of sports shoes to easily explore the surrounding islands and caves.

Ha Long Bay cruises often offer romantic dinner on the sundeck, so a pair of high heels for a romantic evening will be needed. But that doesn't mean you have to carry everything you have if you know how to take advantage of things that can work together and come with different accessories. Instead of having to wear two different outfits, you just need to change accessories, styles or coats.

Ha Long Bay cruise

Wear proper clothes to snap incredible pictures at Ha Long Bay

Sometimes you also have to pay attention to the culture and the weather so you can prepare the right clothes. You will want to put on a jacket or shawl when night falls on Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha on cold days from November to May.

In addition, do not forget to bring a swimsuit to enjoy the water fun activities in Ha Long Bay. Quiet beaches in Ha Long Bay do not have many places to sell or rent swimsuits, so you need to equip yourself in advance.

Ha Long Bay cruise

And to explore wonderful destinations at the Bay as well

Traveling to Ha Long Bay, you must have a camera

Ha Long Bay is famous for its breathtaking and stunning sceneries of the sea, the islands, the caves and the islets, so without a camera to capture your happy moments here will be such a pity. If you don't have a camera, just shoot the photos with your phone, but remember to bring a spare charger so you can shoot as much as possible.

Ha Long Bay cruise

A camera will help you take stunning pictures like this

Plus, it is also important to have a waterproof bag to keep your phone, charger and camera, just in case you drop them to the water. It will help to protect your electronic devices better.

Here is the share of some tips to prepare luggage for your trip on Ha Long Bay cruises that you need to remember. With them, your vacation will be much more interesting and smooth.