Top 3 Expensive 5-star Ha Long Cruises But Absolutely Worth It

Ha Long Bay 5-star cruises with expensive price have been a trend recently – more and more people are interested in investing in a high-quality and luxurious vacation on the ocean are of Vietnam. Vietland Journey will list for you top 3 of the most expensive but worth-the-price cruise in Ha Long Bay recently.

Ha Long Bay 5-star O’Gallery Lotus Cruise

O’Gallery Lotus cruise is designed with the inspiration from the “lotus d’orient” – a flower symbolizing compassion and wisdom, being gently beautiful without any mediocre competition but bringing an excellent perfection because of both incense and colors.

When O’Gallery Lotus cruises its voyage in the astonishing Ha Long Bay, it is likened to a fairy scene: a lotus floating on the water – “The Supreme Lotus Flower”. Setting a step on O’Gallery Lotus cruise, guests will be impressed by the symbol of Lotus in every detail, from the reception to the restaurant, in and outside of the cabins, from the floor to the ceiling.

Ha Long Bay 5-star cruises

The 5-star with excellent quality O'Gallery cruise

This themed image creates a unique and boutique beauty for O’Gallery Lotus cruise in the middle of poetic Lan Ha Bay with luxurious design, modern furniture but still combined harmoniously with the Vietnamese soul.

Being launched in early 2019, the O’Gallery Lotus cruise is proud to be a part of the increasing Ha Long tourism industry. The guests will always feel welcomed in a hospitable and elegant atmosphere. Following the standards and going beyond, O’Gallery cruise is promised to bring the most memorable experience to the guests in the breathtaking views on the bay.

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Ha Long Bay 5-star cruises

Here you can enjoy the most wonderful time in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay 5-star Au Co Cruise

The 5-star Au Co cruise itself is among the biggest and safest travel cruises in Ha Long Bay. The ship and all pieces of equipment are modern and well beyond the required standards. The Au Co cruise provides first-class facilities that guarantee a cruise of the utmost comfort. From the luxury restaurant onboard to the spa and jacuzzi, aboard The Au Co's passengers are offered the same facilities you would expect in a luxury hotel.

Ha Long Bay 5-star cruises

The Au Co is probably one of the largest cruises in Ha Long Bay

Become a customer on the Ha Long Au Co cruise, customers have the chance to enjoy delicious meals with a waterside view in the restaurant. Add a little flavor to your journey at the terrace and sundeck bars; our sundeck BBQ is perfect for a beautiful day. Don’t forget to relax in the spa and our open-air jacuzzi or enjoy a cup of coffee while discovering the Au Co Library.

With its massive size, the Ha Long Au Co cruise has a total of 32 cabins with 5 different types. Going on a vacation with a large group of friends, or simply want to meet new people and having a social time, getting to know more friends and have more relationships? Then this is the best cruise for you.

Ha Long Bay 5-star cruises
Between 32 cabins, you can have as much freedom as you want

Ha Long Bay 5-star Paradise Elegance Cruise

The last and most expensive cruise in the list is Paradise Elegance cruise, which has been operating since 2017 and has a massive size that almost as big as the Au Co cruise. Being a sleek, modern vessel that fuses contemporary styling with Vietnamese design concepts, the Paradise Elegance cruise is a meticulously designed steel boat that has reimagined luxury cruising on Ha Long Bay.

Boasting a piano bar, day spa and wellness center, butler service and the full range of dining options, the Paradise Elegance cruise is a work of art, the experience exquisite, the journey flawless in the middle of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

Ha Long Bay 5-star cruises

The wonderful Paradise Elegance cruise from above

The Paradise Elegance cruise offers flexible 1 or 2 night programs, with excursions. Guests who cruise for two nights on Paradise Elegance will transfer to a smaller boat - Paradise Explorer - on the second day. Guests will cruise deeper into the Bay, with lunch served on Explorer.

Ha Long Bay 5-star cruises

The spacious sundeck where you can have the best view of Ha Long Bay

Please keep in mind that itineraries are subject to change by port authorities or cruising conditions. If there are changes, we will endeavor to replace canceled excursions with equivalents. Paradise Elegance offers flexible 1 or 2 night programs, with excursions.

Although these cruises have such expensive prices that most people find themselves unwilling to pay, in the end, you will find out that each penny you paid is totally worth it. The cruises are equipped with top-quality facilities and their services are no joke. Looking for a memorable and stunning vacation in the ocean of Ha Long Bay? These are the answers to you.

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