Top 3 Most Impressive Hi-End Ha Long Luxury Cruises

Looking for a 5-star elegant cruise like others in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam? Wanting to have the most luxurious vacation in the World Natural Heritage of our S-shaped country? Here are our top 3 most impressive hi-end cruises in Ha Long Bay, that will guarantee to give you such a memorable trip.

Ha Long Bay Hera Luxury 6-star Cruise

Base on the goddess Hera of the Geek mythology, Hera cruise has such an elegant, dedicated yet modern and high-quality design. Hera was the queen of the Greek gods. The namesake finest luxury boutique ship marries the celestial qualities of the goddess with energies from the five elements for an elite cruise experience like no other. The cruise highlights the majesty of the excursion in Ha Long Bay through design that showcases striking panoramas, world-class amenities, and locally crafted wooden furnishings.

Ha Long Bay Hera cruise

The 6-star, impressive Hera cruise

Having been operating since 2017, the 6-star Hera cruise has charmed thousands of tourists from all over the world with its beauty and services. If you want to feel like a god in Ha Long Bay, Hera cruise is a wonderful choice. The yacht might be considered as the most luxurious one in Ha Long Bay nowadays.

With the magnificent design, the Hera cruise also offers 11 cabins with 5 different styles, so you can choose whichever one that you like most. Each room on Ha Long Hera cruise is spacious and cozy, you will have the most comfortable stay here. The smallest room has an acreage of 28 meters square and the largest is 56 meters square, which is a lot bigger than most Ha Long Bay cruises.

Ha Long Bay Hera cruise

One of the smallest room on Hera cruise, Ha Long Bay

The Ha Long Hera cruise even offers some absolutely unique services that none other cruises have, such as private butler and chef service, room service and a-la-carte menu, spacious sundeck and world class day spa,... If you have never felt like royalty, Hera cruise shall make your dream come true.

Ha Long Bay Hera cruise

The restaurant - one of the elegant services for you on Hera cruise

The Hera cruise offers the most exciting itinerary in Ha Long Bay, including stunning destinations such as Luon cave, Trinh Nu cave, Soi Sim island,... plus the wonderful activities such as swimming, kayaking and sunbathing. During your stay on Hera cruise, you won’t have a single boring moment.

Ha Long Bay Hera cruise

Hera cruise guarantees to give you the best time in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

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Ha Long Bay Paradise Peak Cruise

The 5-star Paradise Peak cruise – true to its name – can turn your Ha Long Bay vacation into a stay in heaven. This amazing, sophisticated, tiny yet elegant yacht creates the world's luxury and comfort to its highest possible form and surpasses expectations. Built-in 2012, the Paradise Peak cruise has gained itself tons of experience in serving and satisfying tourists from all over the world. With its years of working, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the cruise.

Ha Long Bay Paradise Peak cruise

The Paradise Peak cruise, Ha Long Bay

The Paradise Peak cruise has such an eye-catching design, being constructed from scarce and precious woods. Built in 4 floors with reasonable space for cabins and other service facilities, you will feel very comfortable staying on the cruise. This is one of the main reasons why customers like to choose Paradise Peak cruise for their Ha Long Bay journey.

Ha Long Bay Paradise Peak cruise

The elegant facilities are why Paradise Peak cruise is always chosen by international guests

The Ha Long Paradise Peak cruise contains 8 cabins with different designs, each of them are spacious enough for a relaxing trip, but also cozy and warm. With the ranges of the rooms from 28 meters square to 50 meters square, you will definitely love the cabins of Paradise Peak cruise.

The attractive schedule of exploring Ha Long Bay as well as the exciting activities are what keep tourists happy and hyper all day. Most customers of Paradise Peak cruise leave with happy memories. Don’t be hesitate to choose Paradise Peak cruise, you will fall in love with the high-quality vacation that the cruise offers you.

Ha Long Bay Paradise Peak cruise

You will definitely feel like living in heaven with Paradise Peak cruise

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Ha Long Bay Emperor Cruise

If you looking for an experience of being a royalty on such a luxury cruise, on top of the most breathtaking ocean in the world – Ha Long Bay – then the Emperor cruise can also be a wonderful choice. Being operated since 2019, the Emperor cruise is considered as one of the newest cruises in Ha Long Bay as well.

Ha Long Bay Paradise Peak cruise

The Emperor cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

This Emperor cruise in Ha Long Bay has every standard to become a 5-star travel junk: being equipped with the best quality facilities as well as furniture and luxury. Stepping on a cruise, customers will feel like they are stepping on a royal palace. The design of this cruise guarantees to give travelers the most comfortable and memorable holiday ever.

In order to make customers feel like a true emperor, this amazing cruise was built with a lovely yet modern and elegant design. All 8 cabins are also decorated with the same style, making customers feel comfortable and luxurious while staying. This Emperor cruise has the largest room of them all: 63 meters square. Plus the giant window, customers can freely enjoy the magnificent sceneries of Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay Paradise Peak cruise

The largest, most luxury room on Emperor cruise

The Emperor cruise offers astonishing itineraries in Ha Long Bay, with places such as Vung Vieng fishing village, Thien Canh Son cave,... plus the luxurious facilities such as restaurant, bar, sundeck... This new cruise has made a remarkable debut and completely charmed international tourists when visiting Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay Emperor cruise

Are you ready to become an emperor on Emperor cruise?

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For those who enjoy the luxurious, elegant, high-quality and memorable trip in Ha Long Bay, here are the top 3 most wonderful and lavish cruises for you to choose. Whichever one you decide on, you won’t have to be disappointed. We wish you a spectacular vacation in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.