TOP 4 Overnight Junk Boats: Discovering The Wonder Bay In Classic Style

Sailing through the UNESCO heritage-listed bay of Halong to explore its magical beauty in an overnight traditional wooden junk boat would surely be an experience any classic style lovers crave for. Check out the following list of TOP 4 Overnight Halong Bay Junk Boat to have a better knowledge when it comes to picking one to travel on.

In this article Vietland Journey will introduce to you 4 junk boats in the fleet of Indochina Junk, an experienced cruise company specified in exploiting the off the beaten track Bai Tu Long Bay - an extension part of Halong Bay UNESCO World Heritage Site.   

1. Dragon’s Pearl Junk (from $160/pax)

Among the 4 overnight junks mentioned in this blog, Dragon’s Pearl Junk is the biggest one with 11 cabins in total and 3 decks with both outside and inside dining areas. Every cabin is tastefully laid out in traditional style and equipped with modern amenities and large glass sea view windows which will enable passengers to enjoy the majestic beauty of the wonder bay right from their bed. 


Dragon's Pearl Junk encompasses 11 cabins and 3 sundecks. 


Large glass sea view windows are furnished in every cabins. 

Upon embarking on the Dragon’s Pearl Junk, you will find yourself surrounded in a nostalgic ambience which is made up by the arrangement of elegant wooden fittings in every corner of the boat. This would be a great choice for tourists in love with classic style.


Enjoying your meal in the outside dining area of a classic wooden junk boat while sailing into the middle of the wonder bay is fantastic! 

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2. Red Dragon Junk (from $205/pax)

The 5-cabin Red Dragon Junk can be an ideal option for groups of 10 to 11 friends seeking for some more space together. Also embracing the style of junk boats in Indochina Junk fleet, Red Dragon Junk is designed and fitted the demand of those who are in favor of traditional style but still want a comfortable experience in Bai Tu Long Bay.


The traditional style of Red Dragon Junk is expressed from its overall appearance to its interiors.


Almost every detail in Red Dragon Junk is made of wood.

Red Dragon is complete with 5 deluxe cabins and 2 decks, which resonate with superior class and grandeur. The boat is just big enough to bring to its customers intimate experience while sailing into the middle of charming wonder bay. Red Dragon Junk is an excellent companion for you to explore the natural beauty while enjoying the warm welcome from well-trained staff.


Inside a cabin of Red Dragon Junk 

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3. Prince Junk (from $415/pax)

Prince Junk is among the smallest boats operating in Bai Tu Long Bay, its total cabin number is just 2 cabins. Despite the moderate size, Halong Prince is really well-equipped with modern facilities to ensure the comfort of passengers traveling on board while still maintaining the main theme of classic style like other boats in the fleet. The junk will be well fitted for family of 4 to 5 members or couples wishing to have a private vacation.


"Prince" is sailing into the middle of the wonder bay 

Looking into Prince Junk in more depth, it is designed with sophistication and a meticulous attention to detail for guests’ enjoyment. It features 2 decks with dining areas inside and outside, and traditionally decorated cabins with a sea view window, where you can relax and admire the marvelous view. One more thing about Prince Junk that helps to enhance your experience on the bay is the attentiveness of the on-board professional staff.


You will get a sense of royalty when checking in the tastefully designed cabin of Prince Junk 


Prince Junk offers you both inside and outside dining area 

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4. L’Amour Junk (from $326/pax)

“L’Amour”, in English, means “love”. Just like its name, L’Amour Junk is an elegant romantic boat, it would be a perfect choice for sweet honeymoon vacations or special anniversaries.

L’Amour Junk is the first small deluxe one-cabin junk in Halong Bay. The most salient thing about L’Amour is the ultimate privacy it offers its passengers. The staff are on call if you need or they will leave you enjoy romantic moments in privacy with your significant one. 


L’Amour Junk is the first small deluxe one-cabin junk in Halong Bay.

L’Amour Junk is designed to optimize its passengers’ sea viewing pleasure. The ensuite room is equipped with large glass sea view windows and so is the inside dining area. Therefore, passengers can contemplate the gorgeous sceneries of the bay from almost every corner of the boat.

dining area

The boat is designed to optimize passengers' viewing pleasure


The best place to enjoy the charming bay is on the sundeck of the boat 

If not L’Amour Junk, hardly is there any other cruise which is more suitable for you to get romantic moments with your loved one!

To have a more thorough look at the full itinerary and the facilities of L’Amour Junk, click HERE!

Travelling in traditional style to explore rustic stunning Bai Tu Long Bay is something you really need to try once in your lifetime. Hopefully our article can help you shortlist your options and find a perfect junk boat for yourself. If there is any questions about cruise booking, don't hesitate to leave us a message HERE!